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The sites to find a job today are very successful and in some cases have even been able to supplant traditional agencies. For this reason, today they are the best and most effective way to find work even if it is often not easy to understand which ones are the most interesting and how to use them best.

How to choose the best job search site online

If you are looking for a job, the first thing that will catch your eye is certainly the large number of Internet sites that publish ads. The first temptation is always to start consulting them all in a frantic way, sending as many CVs to increase your chances of success. In reality, the first thing to do, when looking for a job, is to organize your search in a coherent way, choosing only the most complete, reliable search sites and, above all, in line with what you are looking for.

The different categories of job search websites

The first, the most famous and used ones, are the so-called generalists or those that publish all types of ads, addressing all types of workers, and taking advantage of the division into categories.

Then there are the job search engines, real databases that collect ads from different sources and which are organized in a very simple way, covering all working areas, the most famous is Indeed, which incorporates ads from various other sites and also publishes more specific offers, all of which can be found using the search panel.

Finally, there are sites specializing in certain jobs, that is, designed for those who want to search directly based on their skills, these are highly specialized sites that work very well as they offer only and exclusively targeted ads in a particular sector.

How to find relevant job postings?

Once you have selected the site to consult, you need to find ads that are really relevant with their experience but also with their professionalism and needs.

The fundamental element of any self-respecting site is to offer the possibility to consult, for free, all the offers available and possibly send your application in a few seconds. To do this, all sites offer basic search options and advanced options that include geography, language, experience level, and in some cases even working hours, salary and more.

If you are looking for work through online sites, then, you can really customize your search and narrow it to find the best offers but be careful: when you narrow the field too much, the job options may decrease, and you may find yourself with few ads to send your application to.


If you are looking for a job as a marketing manager, and you want a salary between € and €, when you enter this parameter in your search you may not see all the offers for which the recruiters have not entered the amount of salary, thus losing opportunities.

The same thing happens if you use too specific professional titles: always be careful to use all the variants for the same position, where possible also using the English language if it is commonly used to indicate that particular job position.

Save your CV on job vacancies sites

If it is true that personalized search and the ability to consult all job vacancies is the primary function of job search sites, it is also true that most of these offer another opportunity that must be exploited to the maximum: insert your CV in their database and make it available free of charge to recruiters and job companies that are looking for staff. This is a method increasingly used by companies to get in direct contact with candidates who they believe may be interesting, without going through the ad insertion phase and is therefore a further way to open up to different possibilities.

Obviously, also in this case it is necessary to follow some rules to ensure that your CV is correctly indexed by the site database:

  1. Always follow the insertion rules provided by each site: some prefer the insertion through a special form, others allow the insertion of external documents. In this second case, never use a Word format but always a well-formatted PDF format that cannot be modified from the outside (discover the perfect rules for a good CV);
  2. Use the keywords for which you are Candida, in relation to their experience and skills and insert a personalized CV based on the job position for which you would like to be taken into consideration. In this way, companies looking for candidates with those characteristics will be directed to the best profiles in the database;
  3. Update your CVs on a regular basis: this allows you not only to keep your profile active on the various recruitment sites, but also to appear at the top of the job results when there are companies looking for a specific profile.

Sites with job offers and internships

Job search sites are very useful even if you are looking for your first job. The important thing is not to be discouraged when entering your CV in the database or when looking for ads. As with classic job searches, first job searches also follow exactly the same criteria, so it’s good to be specific but leave room for more generic searches. Through some sites with job offers, you can also find internships, paid or not, which are usually indicated in the title.

Optimize the consultation of job sites

If you have decided to rely on one or more sites to find work, we recommend that you monitor the offers that are sent daily. Not only that, because many also offer the possibility to receive the most relevant offers in email, to avoid consulting the site every day and to receive the proposals directly in their inbox.

The daily consultation it is not necessary for highly specialized sites as they are usually the ones with more relevant but less frequent job offers, precisely because of the high specialization.

A great way to keep tabs on your method of search is to prepare an Excel file where you can write down all the sites you consult every day or, even more easily, save them on your browser as a favorite and group them in a folder.

To conclude

Having a strategic plan if you’re looking for work is essential to avoid wasting time unnecessarily. This is why job search sites are essential and if used correctly they certainly help to find work. To make your search fruitful, keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t overdo the sites to consult: mark a maximum of 3-5 sites to open each day and where to check new offers;
  • Insert your CV on the databases of the most famous portals, taking care to modify it as needed to keep it always alive;
  • Don’t limit yourself to the sites, but remember to activate the alerts via email to receive offers in the e-mail box.
  • To look for work and achieve your professional goals we recommend Working Room.

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