Driving license on cv

Although in many countries specifying some data on the curriculum vitae is an abandoned practice (or never entered into use) in Italy it is still common to add the driving license on the CV, and most follow the old CV compilation templates that require this entry to be inserted.

In reality, there is no obligation to do so but it is only recommendable in case of specific job positions. Let’s see specifically.

The driving license on the CV, a cultural heritage rather than a real necessity

Just as there is no obligation to mention one’s gender or marital status on one’s CV, in the same way the specification relating to the license is not a discriminating factor when it comes to the evaluation of a CV. The presence or absence of the driving license on the CV is a personal matter, always remembering that for some jobs it is essential that you add it while for others it is just a mention without any use.

The types of driving licenses in Italy

In Italy the driving license, according to European legislation, can be of different types:

  • Driving license A
  • Driving license B

Driving license BE

  • Driving license C
  • Driving license C1
  • Driving license C1E
  • Driving license EC
  • Driving license D
  • Driving license D1
  • Driving license D1 E
  • Driving license DE

In relation to the age and type of vehicle are allowed to drive. For each vehicle it is required to pass an exam that will entitle the issuing of the identification card, valid at European level.

When the driving license must be specified on the curriculum

Ci they are applications that are opened according to the presence of certain requirements because they are functional to the work to be performed. In the case of the driver’s license, these are jobs such as couriers, postmen, truck drivers, but also sales agents, inspectors and so on.

These are essentially all those jobs that require the candidate not only to be able and experienced to drive, but above all that is available to spend most of his working day in a car or in a specific vehicle.

The very first thing you should highlight in your resume is:

In fact, if it is true that we can add our experiences in the curriculum vitae, it is also true that such an important requirement for certain types of work must be the first thing to highlight: it will in fact be this information that will allow the recruiter to continue to scanneriz create the candidate’s curriculum vitae and, where possible, move on to the second phase, the interview.

When the possession of the driving license should not be specified on the curriculum

On the contrary, there are other positions for which the possession of the driving license should not be explicitly specified on the CV, as happens for age, for example.

These are all office positions that do not involve traveling to complete their duties, but also jobs in shops or in private or public facilities: where it is not required to travel to get the job done, possession of a driving license may be omitted.

The employer does not care if a candidate arrives at work by car, on foot, by bicycle or by public transport but he cares that that candidate arrives at work on time and does his job correctly and following the directives.

Of course, we can always add details on the possession of the driving license to enrich the CV but taking into account that it is not information that will discriminate or benefit us compared to other candidates for the same position and can be added to the additional skills.

Some practical examples

Example 1

Job advertisement for account managers and agents in the region. The requirements include possession of a driving license. If you decide to apply for this position, then in addition to the experience you have gained in this field, indicate what kind of driver’s license you have.

Example 2

Job posting for bus drivers in the city. Not only do you need to specify the type of license and years of experience driving tour or scheduled buses, but also any other related experiences (for example if you have obtained a first aid certificate, since you will be in contact with strangers) and if you have valid references about it.

Example 3

Job Announcement for Spinning Instructors. Adding a driver’s license, whatever it is, is not absolutely necessary: ​​in its place, you must absolutely add any professional certifications received in your sector, in addition to the experience and any other information that could jump you to the top of the list of eligible candidates.

Example 4

Job announcement for secretaries. Possession of a driving license is not a requirement required by the announcement and there are two ways to go in this case: add all the details to show that, if you wish, you are also able to complete secretarial work from play outside or add nothing, since it is not specified.

If the first 3 examples are clear and foresee a standard behavior, the fourth is one of the “spurious” cases, that is those gray areas where the behavior to be kept is subjective rather than linked to the position job for which you are applying.

Driving license on CV yes, driving license on CV no: our advice

The specification relating to the possession of a driving license on the CV is not mandatory but it is closely linked to the position you are applying for. For this reason, it must absolutely not be omitted (together with the type of driving license in possession) in the case of works that require driving a vehicle. It can be omitted in the case of all other works and treated as all data that are not necessary for the purpose of an evaluation.

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