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Photo on the CV: yes or no? Add it or not? The insertion of the photo in the CV is a rather complicated and particular matter.

In Anglo-Saxon countries the photo is almost never required and, for this reason, the curriculum vitae usually do not contain it. On the contrary, in Italy the photo on the CV is sometimes expressly requested and, where it is not, it is strongly recommended.

Photo on the CV: what the Italian law says

Italian law does not comment on the need to add or not add your own photo to the biography, leaving companies and candidates to make their own decision. By virtue of the privacy law, the photo is considered a sensitive element and for this reason it must be treated as such.

Furthermore, many dispute the fact that the request for a photo attached to the curriculum is implicitly discriminatory from since the choice of a candidate over another could be influenced by factors other than professionalism and skills.

Photo on the CV: the pros

Showing one’s face on the CV it can be a correct move in many ways.

First of all, in this way a simple piece of paper is personalized to the maximum and differs from the other candidates.

But, above all, the photo virtually brings the candidate and recruiter together and establishes a first contact between the two figures and, as confirmed by various researches, helps to create the candidate’s brand.

Use your creativity when preparing your resume

Furthermore, today if you are applying for a position and want to make an impression on the recruiters, to be invited to an interview, using creativity with your CV is essential and adding images and photos can be the pass, especially in the case of particularly creative positions or new professions.

Photos on CV: the cons

Inevitably, the presence of the photo on the CV can overshadow the candidate’s professionalism.

The photo can cause discrimination, at least as regards the first selection of candidates, and reveal a lot of the person in question, even personal details that belong precisely to the sphere of sensitive data as happens for marital status and orientation sexual and religious.

How to behave then? Insert the photo on your CV or not?

If the company for which you are applying requires the presence of the photo, you cannot omit it under penalty of immediate exclusion from the selection.

If the company does not express anything in this sense, you can decide for yourself whether to insert your photo on the curriculum, choosing the most appropriate one.

How should the photo be in the curriculum?

If you have decided to include your photo in your resume, you shouldn’t underestimate the image you are going to use. The photo, if inserted, is an element of presentation and for this reason it must return a reliable and professional image of the candidate.

Unprofessional photos should therefore be avoided, those that portray you full-length or in situations of leisure or fun, blurry photos and the like.

When choosing the photo, the same rule applies as when producing photos for official documents.

The following unwritten but fundamental rules must therefore be kept in mind:

  • The photo must be recent
  • It must be in passport format
  • It must show only the candidate with a half-length and a clearly visible face
  • It must be taken on a neutral background
  • It must be of excellent quality and sharp

Finally, choose the right clothing for your photo remembering that you may have to use the same photo for several applications and thus making it as versatile as possible.

How to insert the photo on your CV

Once you have selected the photo, inserting it on your CV is quick and easy. Just insert it in the space above and save the document in PDF format so as to be sure that the formatting will not be lost when opening.

The photo on the CV if you are applying for a position abroad

Unlike Italy where the photo is often requested and, if it is not, it is appreciated, things are different abroad. If you are applying for a job position in an Anglo-Saxon country with a CV in English, you will not have to add the photo to your CV and you will rarely be asked to do so.

According to the most experienced recruiters, in fact, adding your photo on your CV for applications in London, Dublin, but also the United States and Australia increases the possibility of being discarded a priori by 80%.

If you decide to apply for job positions abroad, before inserting your photo, be well informed about customs and laws to avoid finding yourself in the uncomfortable position of not being able to pass even the first selection due to the presence of elements considered uncomfortable on the CV. Remember to also consider whether you should use the Europass format for your resume, since in many European countries it is now out of use.

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